12-Door Locker (Satellite)

The 12-Door Satellite Locker provides the ability for on-demand dispensing for larger office supplies and IT peripherals that are unable to be dispensed from the IT5000 with Tech Controller Machine and/or allows users to access and return high dollars items or items that contain sensitive data (i.e. laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc.) through a will-call application.

IDS’ Satellite Locker machines are Ideal for Single-Item Dispensing and Asset Management. Handles large or bulky items that need to be checked out and back in. Optional Recharging Adapters to charge and check out radios and other powered equipment. High visibility and high efficiency LED lighting option for dimly lighted locations. The 12-Door Satellite Locker is available with clear or solid compartment doors. Multi-functional for dispensing, will-call, redemption and storage.

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions – 30-1/4″ (76cm) W x 24-1/2″ (62cm) D x 72″ (183) H
  • Weight – 357 lbs.

Use Touchpoints on the Image Below to Learn About iVendTech’s products:

Controlled Access

iVendTech’s machines provided controlled access to higher dollar or sensitive data office supplies and IT peripherals (i.e. laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc.).

Custom Branded

iVendTech machines can be uniquely branded by fully wrapping the machine with high resolution customized graphics.

Rapid Dispensing and Return

iVendTech’s will-call dispensing application provides users to access and return office and IT supply items within seconds through a ‘check-in / check-out’ function.

Flexible Platform

iVendTech’s flexible platform allows the machine to be configured for direct interface by employee by numeric pin code or multiple badge reader interface options or retail payment options for cash, debit/credit card, and mobile payment options.

Manufactured in the USA

iVendTech machines are manufactured in the U.S.A. (May include U.S. and imported components) at IDS’ production facility in Des Moines, IA. iVendTech machines are constructed of quality steel and utilize high-end components.

High Capacity

iVendTech machines allows authorized users to receive and return a dispense a variety of office and IT supply SKU’s within seconds and can accommodate up to two satellite machines for additional capacity.