iVendTech Office & IT Supply Products

Host Machines

A host or standalone machine simply means it is a single machine that contains a Tech Controller. Each host machine may accommodate up to two satellite units for increased capacity and product versatility. All host machines include a Numeric Pin Code that allows customers to identify individual usage. Host machines may be equipped with multiple Badge Reader interface options that are configurable to customer specifications and preferences including Mag Stripes, Bar Codes, and PROX Cards. Host machine are able to be uniquely branded by fully wrapping the machine with high resolution customized graphics and can be configured for office supplies and IT peripherals of various sizes.

  • Hold and dispense a variety of IT or office supply SKUs
  • Direct interface by employee by (PIN) number or badge reader
  • Retail payment options for cash/credit card/mobile pay
  • iQ cloud based software keeps track of inventory and alerts when par levels reached
  • Customized configurations
  • Models available with traditional gravity drop or elevator soft delivery
  • Guaranteed Vend Sensor – The Guaranteed Vend Sensor technology ensures that items are dispensed or allows customers to make another selection in an ‘out-of-stock’ scenario.
  • Quality steel construction with high-end components

iVendTech Host Machine

Satellite Machines

Satellite machines sit side-by-side to a host machine and do not contain a designated Tech Controller as satellite machines operate off of the Tech Controller of the host machine. Satellite machines are configurable for office supplies and IT peripherals of various sizes. The machine is uniquely branded by fully wrapping the machine with high resolution customized graphics.

12-Door Satellite Locker (optional)

The 12-Door Satellite Locker is an optional selection that connects to a Host Machine. The 12-Door Satellite Locker provides the ability to control access to larger office supplies and IT peripherals that are unable to be dispensed from the IT5000 with Tech Controller Host Machine.

Product specifications:

  • Dimensions – 30″W x 24″ D x 72″ H
  • Weight – 357 lbs

When connected to the 11-Door Host Locker, the 12-Door Satellite Locker more than doubles capacity to high dollar or sensitive data office supplies and IT peripheral items (i.e. laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc.). The 12-Door Satellite Locker compartment dimensions are 12″H x 15″W x 25″D and is available with clear or solid compartment doors.

iVendTech Satellite Machine

Available Host Machines