Lease iVendTech

Lease iVendTech

Through our leasing partner, Modern Leasing, IDS offers diverse lease programs to customers.  Our leasing programs assist customers by providing cash flow, enhanced liquidity, and greater flexibility. In our current economic landscape, bank loans are more difficult and time consuming to obtain. IDS has a streamlined the lease approval process making things quick and easy for you.


Operating Leases

We offer customers attractive operating lease programs.  Our operating lease programs allow for the use of an asset, but do not convey rights of ownership of the asset. An operating lease is not capitalized, therefore, it is accounted for as a rental expense in what is known as “off balance sheet financing.” For the lessor, the asset being leased is accounted for as an asset and is depreciated as such. Operating leases have potential tax incentives and do not result in assets or liabilities being recorded on the lessee’s balance sheet, which can improve the lessee’s financial ratios.

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Why Lease

According to the US Small Business Administration, 80% of businesses lease a portion of their equipment. Ease of credit approval, speed and the potential tax benefits are the main reasons companies choose equipment leasing. Equipment leasing also affords business owners the ability to grow their businesses without significant out of pocket expenses.


Financing your business equipment is one of the most power economic tools to help your organization grow and thrive. IDS’ leasing solutions can enhance your liquidity, help manage cash flow, and optimize your balance sheet.


About IDS’ Leasing Partner, Modern Leasing

Modern Leasing is a fiscally sound and economically responsible partner for all your equipment leasing needs. Modern Leasing provides equipment leasing solutions to companies in a variety of industries. Over the past 50 years, Modern Leasing has worked with countless companies throughout the United States. Modern Leasing offers leases to all sizes of businesses with varying business equipment needs. We offer equipment leases for everything from defibrillators, office copiers and computers to vending machines, PET/CT scanners, and software.