How to Use iVendTech

Unattended dispensing of IT peripherals on an as needed basis is a widely adopted solution in many organizations. It is recognized that providing tools and solutions to allow employees to accomplish their daily tasks without overly burdening them with administrative procedures and processes makes them more productive and efficient. Additionally, providing a means of accountability for supplies and products including IT peripherals specifically drives down costs within organizations. Cost reductions are realized through making employees more aware of how they use supplies, resulting in directing the employees’ efforts to accomplishing company goals and deterring any propensity toward using the supplies for personal projects.
IDS’ solution makes use of the local employee ID technology. Typically, employee badges are used to gain access to facilities. These same badges can be utilized to provide authentication at the dispensing machine and set restrictions for dispensing based on the employee and/or departmental requirements. Reporting of usage by department or user can highlight possible high usage trends or abuses. In addition, transactions can be exported from the system and imported into other systems on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Alternatively, a real time integration solution can be customized and built in order to transfer the data in real time from iQ Technology IDS’ software platform to the receiving system.